Project Description

Aviva and other insurance companies

Rehabilitation for people injured on the roads or at work

Ergo OTS has for many years been providing rehabilitation services under the Rehabilitation Code to claimants injured at work or on our roads.  We have worked extensively with Aviva and other insurance companies with the claimant’s solicitors (usually jointly instructed) to facilitate maximum return of function and quality of life to the injured parties and their families.

Our involvement begins with a one-off request for an Immediate Needs Assessment(INA). This is carried out within 14 days of receiving written instructions and is followed by a detailed written report with recommendations.  The recommendations may or may not include ongoing case management.

We find this work hugely satisfying as do our clients it would seem.  See our Testimonials page for examples of what just some of the people we have helped have said about our services.

For more details on the lateast version of the Rehabilitation Code (Summary and Code in full) click here