Project Description

Wheelchair and Seating Assessments and Provision

Ergo OTS has many years of experience assisting manual and powered wheelchair users to find the most appropriate and effective mobility solutions. We have worked with and lectured for major manufacturers and government health providers in UK, Ireland, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

  • We offer a comprehensive initial assessment of the client and their lifestyle including transportation
  • We include as standard a risk assessment for potential skin damage as part of the cushion evaluation
  • We can arrange for pressure mapping of clients who are unable to give feedback on a cushion due to lack of feeling or communication difficulties
  • We have extensive knowledge of products available in the UK
  • We use reliable suppliers and monitor them regularly
  • We have access to engineers who can produce bespoke modifications and will do so in accordance with regulations
  • We offer to liaise with wheelchair services with regard to the free provision of pressure relieving cushions and securing NHS wheelchair vouchers for part payment towards powered or manual wheelchairs
  • We can provide recommendations for special seating e.g. matrix

  1. Occasional user manual wheelchairs
  2. Add on power packs to assist attendants or occupants to propel manual wheelchairs more easily or for longer distances
  3. Made to measure light weight aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre manual wheelchairs
  4. Specialist manual wheelchairs that give additional support where needed and include manual or powered seating functions i.e. tilt in space, back recline, leg elevation
  5. Powered wheelchairs in rear and mid-wheel configuration and occasionally front wheel drive
  6. Powered and manual wheelchairs with standing function
  7. Powered wheelchairs with seat lift facility to raise the occupant 12″ / 30cm from the normal seated height
  8. Powered wheelchairs for going across fields and down muddy country lanes YouTube Video
  9. Full range of accessories and add-ons to customise chairs
  10. We have contacts for specialist specific wheelchairs for tennis, basket ball, quad rugby, cycling and lots more

Seating Assessments

Seating assessments usually have 3 main elements: a) identifying what, if any, postural support the user needs to be safe b) prevention of tissue damage and most importantly c) comfort. This can be done with an existing wheelchair, armchair or for that matter any other seat e.g. office chair, car seat, horse or bicycle saddle. Pressure mapping is sometimes recommended as part of the assessment. This is charged for separately by the pressure mapping company.

Specialist Armchair Assessments

Following full seating assessment we have a network of dealers who can usually provide products for a few days trial to confirm the prescription prior to purchasing.

Specialist armchairs vary and may include the following functions:

  • Manual or powered tilt in space
  • Back recline
  • Removable height adjustable armrests for ease of transfers
  • A range of head supports
  • A range of foot and leg supports including leg elevation
  • Trunk (body) supports
  • Tables and accessories
  • Pressure relief
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