Project Description

Equipment Provision

Equipment to promote independence

There is a large and sometimes confusing array of disability equipment available and it is often difficult to know what is most suitable.  Making mistakes can be costly and could lead to accidents if not appropriately or correctly installed.

ERGO OTS therapists will assess your current abilities and likely future requirements before specifying relevant equipment. We also have lots of tips to share.

We can help with equipment for

  • Limited dexterity due to arthritis or weakness e.g. kitchen gadgets for opening jar, tins and bottles, turning taps and preparing food.
  • Difficulties with bathing and showering
  • Mobility difficulties (See separate section on wheelchairs and mobility scooters)
  • Visual impairment
  • Work
  • Seated transfers e.g. from car, sofa, bed, toilet
  • Other… the list is virtually endless!

Loan, purchase or hire

We will advise on any equipment available free of charge locally through statutory services.  Exemption from VAT is available if purchasing specialist disability equipment.

There are a number of organisations that hire out equipment for short term needs e.g. following total hip replacement or skiing accident.

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