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I have worked with Fiona for a number of years. As a Case Manager, building the right team and appointing therapists with experience and clear expertise in their field of practice is crucial and leads to better rehabilitation outcomes. Fiona is a highly capable OT, she is organised; disciplined; knowledgeable; helpful; thorough and reliable. I wouldn’t hesitate to endorse her as an outstanding OT.

Annabelle Lofthouse RN, Consultant Case Manager

Co-founder and Director – Breakthrough Case Management

As an Advocate for people with learning disabilities, I had the pleasure of working with Fiona over a period of some years. This involved supporting a woman with complex needs to move from a residential setting to a home of her own in a different part of the country.

Fiona provided the energy and enthusiasm to radically change and improve this person’s quality of life. This meant working with organisations and the many professionals involved, who often held contrasting views about what was required and when.

Fiona is totally person-centred in her approach to supporting vulnerable people. I was impressed with the way she was able to muster exactly what was needed along the way, which included sourcing excellent care providers and therapists to meet this person’s unique needs.

Fiona is adept at building relationships and didn’t hesitate to involve herself in what had been a very difficult family situation. She made it a priority to restore vital relationships to this person and has ensured that these remain well supported.

It has been a privilege to work with Fiona who is always pro-active and totally professional in her approach. She is an excellent Case Manager and literally made a world of difference for this person, who now lives a very full and independent life within her local community.

Naomi Richardson, Advocate

Fiona prepared an INA following a serious accident which had left the Claimant with severe physical injuries and substantial psychological sequelae.

Accepting joint instructions to act as Case Manager and with early funding made available to her, Fiona promptly arranged suitable aids, equipment and temporary property adaptations.

Liaising with medical practitioners Fiona was able also to speed-up the Claimant’s rehabilitation.

The Claimant was terribly upset by physical complications and restrictions and at times struggled to engage in rehabilitation owing to the level of distress. Fiona’s care and attention, both in person and by telephone, was hugely important.  By being readily available to the Claimant to provide comfort and re-assurance and by dealing professionally with the Claimant’s occasionally unpleasant outbursts, Fiona built a strong relationship having earned trust and respect.

Despite initial reluctance to engage in rehabilitation, with Fiona’s positive influence the Claimant was able to do so, making full use of the therapies, care and assistance funded by the Defendant insurer. 

 Mark Tawn, Solicitor, Davey Law, Cirencester

Fiona is an exceptional Case Manager who always puts her clients first.  She is professional and rigorous in her approach, sensitive and caring.  She always goes the extra mile while constantly facilitating movement towards self-management.  Her insights and her commitment to learning are laudable.

As a Pain Rehabilitation Consultant Nurse Specialist, working with some of Fiona’s clients, I feel well informed and able to pick up the phone to discuss her client as needed.  I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough.

Dr Dee Burrows

I would like to say what an exceptional service we have received, I look forward to working with you in the future.

Wendy (Housing Officer)

It has been an absolute blessing that you have become involved with my client, and I know that his mother feels the same. Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do for him.

Cordelia English, solicitor

Fiona has acted on behalf of Age UK on a number of jobs where a resident has requested changes to their bathroom to make washing easier. We have found her very knowledgeable and efficient. She has provided a detailed report and drawings in each case and got on well with the residents.  Fiona has answered follow-up questions when clarification or where further advice was needed.

We would thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking similar advice.

John Pearce (Housing Manager) Age UK

Just before Christmas, aged 78, I was knocked down while walking across a local car park.  My leg injuries were described as ‘horrific’, and I lost one leg and nearly lost the other one too, but thanks to the expertise of the surgeon in Bristol, my right leg was saved.

My recovery has been long, but with the fantastic support of my lovely family, and a case manager via the Rehabilitation Code, I went from the hospital to a Nursing Home whilst the team found and adapted a property for me to rent.  This has taken over 18 months, but I’m now in my own home.

I first met Fiona when she came to assess me for a  powered indoor / outdoor wheelchair, which I now use every day. I can walk short distances with a frame too, so long as there is someone with me.

Fiona worked with Idapt LLP on the plans for the adaptations to the bungalow and recommended the equipment I would need to allow me to be as independent as possible.  This includes a lovely kitchen with split level cooker, easy to access storage and a sink and worktop I can get my knees under when I’m sat in my chair.  After just a month in my new home, I can now make all my own meals and the family came round for a roast dinner last Sunday!

My en suite bathroom has a tilting bath which is lovely and it also has a shower over.  I use this every day with assistance, and I’m hoping I can do the shower on my own in time.

Next week I’m off on holiday with my family.

After my accident I thought I’d never be able to do all these things again. I’m very grateful to you for your expertise and help in enabling me to live independently and to do the things I want to.

Many thanks.

I must say that I was really lucky to be put in touch with you and you have been exceptional in your total support for me especially whilst I was going through a bit of a bad patch.

I thought that I was, in fact, going to be reconciled to spending another 10 years in a wheelchair and that ‘I should get used to it’. But that’s not me.

What a stroke of luck to find surgeon Mr X and just look at the amazing difference to my life, now that the operation has been judged successful, and I am benefitting from ‘getting my life back’.

Thank you so much, Fiona.

Regards, R. Dorset

We have worked with Fiona for a number of years and on a variety of projects, each presenting their individual challenges. We have always found her to be professional in her approach and resourceful in providing a solution.  Balancing the client’s brief with the best adaptation solution requires a variety of skills and expertise.

Fiona’s experience allows her to make these assessments and consider the options. We have found she is always willing to listen and embrace new products or design solutions where appropriate.  Her energy and enthusiasm for her work is reflected in her commitment and thorough approach to all projects.

Fiona’s confident approach allows her to build good relationships with her clients and also with fellow professionals.

Idapt is a consultancy and surveying practice, with over 25 years of experience of working alongside local authorities, health authorities, companies and private individuals. idapt design services undertakes a variety of work ranging from traditional design and build projects to project management roles and specialises in the design of disabled adaptations.

Fiona is an exceptional Occupational Therapist (OT) I could of told you this the moment I met her when she was sent to my home following a debilitating road traffic accident but I see this all the more from my newfound perspective as a trainee OT.

Fiona built a rapid rapport and confidence with both myself and my family in a time of great uncertainty and distress. She was both sensitive and solution-focused in a pragmatic functional way. She works on a wealth of personal and professional knowledge to act as an extremely effective sound board in offering ideas and solutions for the greatest conundrums one can envisage they may face; and if she doesn’t already know the answer she will find it!

As you can see she saw in me the potential for greater things and helped build my confidence and abilities to return to full time work in a graded and manageable way. Always at the end of a phone or an email Fiona is none-short of dedicated to her work and, most importantly, the people that she works with. She will see you as the individual that you are and seek to meet your unique needs in a personal, professional collaboration as opposed to the often directive approach of many other health care professionals and impersonality of legal insurers and solicitors.

If you are lucky enough to have Fiona sent to your door as she would readily urge you, use her! She’s a real asset, she goes beyond the call of duty offering a genuine sense of hope, a gateway to recovery and a better quality of life for you and your family… thank you Fiona, I cannot commend you enough.

LR, Devon