Project Description

Thalidomide Trust

Home assessments, advice and services.

The Thalidomide Trust’s aim is to provide relief and assistance for those people born, in the United Kingdom, and damaged as a result of their mothers having taken the drug Thalidomide (as manufactured by Distillers Biochemicals Limited) during their pregnancy.

The Trust currently supports over 465 individuals, between the ages of 51-57 years. Most of these have two or four limbs missing as well as many having other medical, orthopaedic, cognitive and/or sensory problems.

This is a most remarkable group of people some of whom have made outstanding achievements in their lives despite living with extreme levels of disability. For example Sue Kent who works as a massage therapist, here she is being interviewed on ITV in 2016.

Ergo OTS continues to provide case management, and advice on housing adaptations and specialist equipment to people with Thalidomide related damage and their families.

Due to the age profile of these individuals, many have been supported by their now elderly parents, and they are now seeking to live more independent lives in the community. Ergo has been privileged to assist with this process.